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Copernicus Launches A Hotel Asset Management Division

Copernicus launches a hotel asset management division

Madrid – June 1, 2022

The Spanish group Copernicus, specialized in loan and asset management for companies with solvency problems, jumps into the hotel market with the creation of a new hotel asset management division to be called Copernicus Hospitality. The division will be chaired by Juan Molas, former president of the CEHAT (Spanish Federation of Hotels and tourism lodging) and current president of the Tourism Board, which includes 94 companies. Together with Molas, Andrés Cerdán will work as CEO; Pilar Monzón as head of investment and asset manager; and Diego Laguía as head of real estate consulting.

In the last seven years, Copernicus has managed the debt or real estate assets of more than 60 hotel establishments, both urban and vacational, including properties such as Hotel Los Monteros (Marbella, Málaga), Gran Hotel Bahía Real (Fuerteventura) or the Hotel Don Gregory (Las Palmas). The added value of the hotel assets managed by Copernicus to date reaches 300 million euros and exceeds 5,700 rooms.

“The new Copernicus Hospitality division capitalizes on the valuable international experience of the Copernicus Group in managing investment opportunities in the hotel market. Specialization and expert knowledge set a differential value in a market as competitive as hotel real estate, especially in Southern Europe and Latin America, regions where Copernicus has a presence and where important operations are about to arrive”, says Juan Molas. Copernicus currently manages the debt of 14,000 assets globally, of which 4,000 are real estate assets. The value of assets managed in Spain is close to 10,000 million euros.

Copernicus Hospitality will have the support and collaboration of the lawyers and due diligence professionals of the Copernicus Group, which currently manages the debt of 14,000 assets globally, of which 4,000 are real estate assets. Copernicus is a global platform for advice and management of distressed assets (owned by companies with solvency problems and with a high risk of failing to comply with the original payment conditions agreed with creditors, so they are candidates for generating defaults), which has more of 260 employees and presence in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece, France, and Peru. Founded in 2013 by José Nestola and Juan Uscola, Copernicus has managed distressed assets for both national and international clients, offering an “end to end” service.

Here you can consult the article published in Cinco Días.

Copernicus Servicing, S.L. cuenta con la autorización del Banco de España para realizar funciones de Intermediario de Crédito Inmobiliario conforme a la Ley 5/2019 de 15 de marzo de contratos de crédito inmobiliario con número de codificación D719.

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