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Birth Of The Copernicus Foundation

Birth of the Copernicus Foundation

Madrid, 7th of July 2022

Last 4th of July the COPERNICUS FOUNDATION was officially constituted after the favorable opinion of the Secretaría General Técnica de la Vicepresidencia, Consejería de Educación y Universidades de la Comunidad de Madrid and its subsequent registration in the Registro de Fundaciones.

The COPERNICUS FOUNDATION is a non-profit entity, constituted by Copernicus Servicing S.L. (the Founder) at the initiative of its CEO José Néstola, whose general interest purposes consist of promoting and facilitating access to education, personal development and training for people with limited resources and/or great potential. Additionally, in general, among its purposes is to contribute to social welfare, personal development, as well as the development and promotion of science, health and culture.

The materialization of the foundational purposes will be carried out through annual scholarship programs, which will be announced internally and published in a timely manner on the corporate website, on LinkedIn and any other channels considered appropriate.

The COPERNICUS FOUNDATION was created with the vision to help the personal and professional development of an increasing number of people with difficulties in accessing education and/or high potential, contributing to a better society and thus giving back to society what the Founder has received from it.

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Copernicus Servicing, S.L. cuenta con la autorización del Banco de España para realizar funciones de Intermediario de Crédito Inmobiliario conforme a la Ley 5/2019 de 15 de marzo de contratos de crédito inmobiliario con número de codificación D719.

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