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Copernicus Group Announces The Launch Of Its Alternative Financing Platform

Copernicus Group announces the launch of its alternative financing platform

Madrid – June 30th, 2021

Copernicus, an independent global platform for managing performing and non-performing loans and foreclosed real estate assets (REOs), announces the launch of its alternative financing platform, Copernicus Credit.

Copernicus Credit is an alternative finance platform which offers real estate asset backed bridge loans between €500k and €10m to companies and SMEs operating in Spanish territory.

Copernicus Credit is conceived as a joint venture between Copernicus Group and Trapeza Capital, taking advantage of the resources and technology from Copernicus alongside the know-how and market positioning of Trapeza, an alternative financing boutique led by Juan Antonio Cuevas and Alejandro Pastrana, which has generated over 150 operations with a total value over €100m since 2013.

Juan Antonio Cuevas, Copernicus Credit CEO states that:

“Our product is targeted towards all kind of firms in need of liquidity to carry out their projects. We are focused on giving a flexible and agile service, enabling financing for companies, as long as they can provide a real estate collateral, so that they can carry out all kind of investments, debt restructuring or real estate developments. Our main advantages are our flexibility and our speed, being able to provide the loan in less than 3 weeks since its request. Likewise, we do not request periodic interests and/or principal payment, as we allow interest only periodic payments, or a complete amortization of principal and interests at maturity, which could be up to 36 months, allowing the borrower to maximize the value of the loan received.”

In order to carry out its operations, Copernicus Credit has signed an initial tranche of €50m for financing, with the commitment to increase said amount as projects get financed.

About Copernicus

Copernicus is a global distressed asset management and advisory platform, focused on the Corporate and Secured debt segment, with presence in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece, France and Peru. Founded in 2013 by Jose Nestola and Juan Uscola, Copernicus manages over €10bn in distressed assets for national and international clients, offering and end-to-end service, from the origination of the opportunity to the liquidation of the assets.

About Trapeza Capital

Trapeza Capital is an alternative financing and financial advisory firm founded in 2013 by Alejandro Pastrana and Juan Antonio Cuevas. Since its inception, Trapeza Capital has lent over €100m and has brokered more than 150 operations.

Copernicus Servicing, S.L. cuenta con la autorización del Banco de España para realizar funciones de Intermediario de Crédito Inmobiliario conforme a la Ley 5/2019 de 15 de marzo de contratos de crédito inmobiliario con número de codificación D719.

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