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Asset Management

Asset Management team consists of +150 employees including Project Managers, Loan Mangers and RE managers.

+150 Employees in Asset Management

Cross functional teams of financial, legal and real estate specialists.

€9.8bn Loans Managed

Copernicus Group distressed assets managed.

+200 Associated real estate agents and brokers

Full national coverage.

6,600 Insolvency processes and mortgage loans

Experience in all the legal processes that allow us to have machine learning to apply in the next processes.

+250 External attorneys and solicitors

Distributed throughout the geography in which we have cases.

+14,000 Distressed assets managed

Helps us to quantify average process times and court costs.

Asset Management

Performing and Non-Performing Loans Management

Loan administration.
Negotiation of agreements with borrowers.
Comprehensive legal services: foreclosure, insolvency, restructuring processes, etc.

Real Estate Management

Property and asset management of all asset typologies.
Commercialization and marketing of assets by our in-house team and network of external brokers.
Project monitoring of WIPs and land development.
Management of squatters, CAPEX, licenses, urbanistic and legal workouts.

Negotiation and Closing

Coordination of portfolio closing and boarding.
Constant dialogue with clients.

Portfolio Reporting

Preparation of ad hoc reporting for the investor.
Supervision of performance and tracking vs business plan.

Advisory Services

Global advisory team consists of 40 employees including UW managers, RE valuers and lawyers.

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Copernicus Servicing, S.L. cuenta con la autorización del Banco de España para realizar funciones de Intermediario de Crédito Inmobiliario conforme a la Ley 5/2019 de 15 de marzo de contratos de crédito inmobiliario con número de codificación D719.

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