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Our main advantages

We strive for excellence

01 Comprehensive
scope of services

One-stop-shop for acquisition and management of NPL and REO portfolios, covering the full investment process

Copernicus has a multidisciplinary team covering financial, legal and real estate expertise to optimize recovery.

02 Superior Underwriting

Proven track record in the Spanish, Italian and Portuguese market, with more than 100 portfolios analyzed in the last 4 years.
Underwriting platforms in place to streamline portfolio analysis as well as to provide clients with superior analysis, financial and due diligence services.
Best in class RE valuations undertaken by a senior professional, each team member with 10+ years of experience and network of local experts.

03 Tailor-made AM
solutions for investors

We are flexible in configuring teams and adapting to the client and portfolio requirements.
We have systems that can easily adapt to investors reporting needs.

04 Dedicated team in the
management of portfolios

Fully dedicated team for each portfolio/client with support of transversal support teams.
The team brings legal and real estate knowledge to all negotiations.
All team members work together in a close relationship with the client, to come up with innovative solutions.

05 Independent

Copernicus is an independent servicer, not owned by any bank or institutional investor, which may have a conflict of interests with its clients.
Copernicus operates with transparency and sets up agreements to align our interest to those our clients.

06 High-end Technology
and Reporting

Copernicus has developed secured and flexible technology platforms to underwrite portfolios as well as to manage loans and RE assets, streamlining operations across the entire company.
Copernicus provides both standard and customized reports to our clients as well as secure access to our UW, AM and reporting platforms.

Managing opportunities and risk

Copernicus Group

Be part of our team

We believe that the value added in our service is in our people. We are different, and we will keep doing the things differently. We all believe in the project Copernicus, we are a team working together with one clear vision and we never give up. The result is the reflection of our dedication. That´s what makes us different.

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