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We believe that the value added in
our service is in our people.

We are young team but very strong

Thanks to our exponential growth since 2013 we count now more than 220 employees in our offices in Madrid, Milan, Lisboa, Athens and Lima. We have a very well-defined strategy to continue growing. The sky is our limit.

We believe that the value added in our service is in our people. We are different, and we will keep doing the things differently. We all believe in the project Copernicus, we are a team working together with one clear vision and we never give up. The result is the reflection of our dedication. That´s what makes us different.

We have strong values that we apply to everything we do. We all believe in teamwork, quality, trust, respect, transparency, simplicity, innovation, creativity, determination and THINKING BIG.

We invest in technology because we want to give our teams the best tools to do their jobs better. Our platform has been tailored to suit the needs of employees and clients along distressed assets life cycle.


Our reason for being is closely linked to the improvement of the economy and the global society. In this vein, at Copernicus we are committed to the constant improvement of our environment.

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Copernicus Servicing, S.L. cuenta con la autorización del Banco de España para realizar funciones de Intermediario de Crédito Inmobiliario conforme a la Ley 5/2019 de 15 de marzo de contratos de crédito inmobiliario con número de codificación D719.

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